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Funding is needed to set up and increase service provision for multi-disciplinary treatment centres. Treatment requires specialist care with a team of neurologists, physiotherapists etc. which must be integrated to create an effective plan. Current options are limited & insufficient.

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What a night!

But first off, happy belated Halloween! Hope you all had a great time. But man! What a terrible night I’ve had, seriously thought I was going to have a stroke, between the right side of my mouth felt droopy, then for some reason I thought as though my heart stopped because I couldn’t feel it beating, went to check my pulse and all was fine haha!

Must have taken me well over an hour to drift off. I wonder what set this all off? Luckily it was just my FND. And to top it all off, an hour ago I had a migraine. Connected maybe?

What a rubbish day!

Well two days! I haven’t set foot outside my home due to lack of energy and pure “fuzzy ness”. Constant throbbing in my head and feeling slightly wobbly, hopefully with a bit of sleep I can re wire my brain and I shall be better in the morning x

Grade wise out of 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst I’ve ever felt, I’d say a solid 6/10.

On a plus note, I move been wearing these cute multi coloured earrings that make me feel pretty ^_^ x here’s to tomorrow!

Cold hands warm heart

Just as the saying goes, if you have cold hands then you have a warm heart, which is a great way to describe a loving person.

But geeeez I’ve been cold all day regardless of whether I’ve wrapped myself up or not, I just can’t get warm. Is it my FND? I don’t know, and whilst we’re on the subject of FND, today my symptoms are on hold which is a good sign! Woohoo!

A new symptom

Last weekend I experienced a new symptom I shall call β€œchicken wing” I attached a picture replicating what it looked like and only lasted around 5 minutes or so and each time I tried to straighten my left arm it would ping back like this.

Only once I’ve ever had this happen and it hasn’t happened again as of yet.

Kinda comical really but still… any new symptoms however small I shall document.

What I do with my time.

As well as trying to do my best with studies to become a qualified dog groomer, I also Cosplay, what is cosplay? Basically it’s costume play and my god it has helped with my confidence so much!!

It’s great to get out of my shell and transform myself into different characters and go around conventions being a cosplay confidence coach πŸ’•πŸ’•

Even though cosplaying is one of my passions it don’t half take its tole on my health but would I say it’s worth it? VERY!

Below are some of the images I love! You can also follow me on Instagram @cosplay.cleo

Had an attack last night

And I am going to describe to you what it felt like:

Imagine, just standing in your bedroom, ready to turn the light off when this feeling of “heaviness” over comes you, it starts from the top of your chest and travels down to your toes. Almost as if your insides are being pulled down with the sensation.

Your legs then feel like jelly so you listen to your body to crouch down in case you fall, your lips start to tingle and your breathing starts to elevate. This may only last a minute or so but it feels like hours.

To then be fine again but your left arm is stuck in a “chicken” like position, (just imagine you’re imitating a chicken and the way you put your arms to imitate the wings, that’s what my left arm was like)

It was all over within 4 minutes, not my worst attack ever, I’d say this was mild and easy to get through comparing to my other attacks.

Keeping myself busy

It’s important to try your best and take your mind off things, in my case I like to go for walks with my dog, rarely I get my “attacks” out there but when I do they can be easily managed by finding somewhere to sit down and concentrate on breathing. I also have the best personal trainer ever! My jack russel πŸ’•